How vital are rubber profiles for protection

How vital are rubber profiles for protection

Do you want to explore how rubber extrusion profiles can be useful for protection? If yes, then read this blog and find out how rubber extrusion profiles play a major role in protection purposes.  

A rubber profile is highly useful when there is a requirement for the stable sealing like in doors or hatches that meet strict durability standards. It can also be useful for edge protection. It can also be additionally used to prevent people from dangers and safeguard cables. 

TPE, PVC and EPDM are the highly exclusive materials for the edge protection profiles. Apart from that, there are also other options exclusively available. The rubber extrusion profile is available with the standard steel inserts and other materials like stainless steel, nylon and much more are also readily available. 

Why is edge protection essential?

Here you can explore why edge protection is highly essential in the rubber extrusion profiles. In general, a rubber edge trim can effectively protect workers safety and materials to the next level. You can wrap the tiny sheets of materials with the quality rubber trim to  prevent cuts, abrasions and some other damage. It is very useful for sheet metal, glass, plastic, fiberglass and wood. 

The rubber trim is very important in many industries to meet safety regulations and prevent workplace injuries. But, the trim protects the workers and surface to the next level. The rubber trim cushions can damage with the durable materials. It can protect the surface from bumps, wear and weather. 

There are some rubber trim that edges with the seal can effectively seal windows, hatches and doors to keep air, water and some other unwanted substances out. It can help RV, automobile, caravan doors and boats. The rubber profiles can also provide surfaces with a polished, clean finish in auto repair, consumer product manufacture and some other sectors very effectively.

Qualities of rubber profiles:

You must know the fact that rubber is not used at the time of making the rubber edge trim. The rubber extrusion profiles can be manufactured by using EPDM or PVC based on your needs and requirements. But rubber is the common material. 

Check out below and explore how these materials are best at protecting the edges:

  • Durable

Both EPDM and PVC are the most effective and long lasting polymers. It has the ability to retain its form even after getting hit. Due to its longevity, rubber edges protect surfaces from damage due to many wear & tear and bumps. 

  • More resistant

A PVC rubber trim can effectively withstand the direct exposure to various chemicals, fuels, oils, air, ultraviolet light & ozone. PVC is somewhat hard as the rubber materials on the automobile tires with the temperature range of around 20 C to 60 C. 

On the same basis, EPDM rubber profiles are also highly resistant to ozone, air, various chemicals and UV rays. But it should never be used in areas which are very close to the fluids like gasoline or oil. EPDM rubber profiles are highly robust when compared to the PVC and it can withstand the temperature range of around -40 C to +120 C.

  • Flexible

A rubber profile can easily be conventional to irregular surfaces and shapes due to its flexibility. 

  • Cost effective

A rubber extrusion profile is the most alternative option when compared to the other items that protect the edges. 

Applications of rubber profiles:

To explore the importance of the rubber extrusion profiles, it is best for you to know its applications. The rubber profiles are suitable for different ranges of applications. Take a look at below and explore the applications of the rubber extrusion profiles:

  • Right angle

The typical applications for this right angle profile include edge finishing and corner protection. 

  • ‘T’ profile

Use ‘T’ profile to fill variable gaps & heat sealing on the industrial machinery and highly suitable the usage on wall protection, fendering and various other applications in other industries. 

  • ‘P’ profile

Use ‘P’ profile on joint seals and lock gate, wing beading, draught & gate seals & hatch seals.

  • Tadpole

Tadpole rubber extrusion profiles are the best choice for sealing applications that are similar to the P section extrusions. 

  • Tank strap

A tank strap can reduce the wear between metal tank straps and fuel tanks that can effectively hold them perfectly. It can provide better protection and further reduces & supports vibration. 

  • Container door seal

A container door seal can renew the older shipping containers of any shape and size effectively. Any other applications need the same door sealing system where any one of the container door profiles can match the design of the doors effectively. 

  • Brick grab

A brick grab is very much useful in transferring and grabbing bricks, tiles and concrete blocks to the next level. It can be commonly used to grab different jaws and protect different bricks from the damage by giving the strong buffer between the brick and the jaw since they are flexible. 

  • Weighbridge seal

The weighbridge seal has the ability to prevent the clogging mechanism with foreign objects and dirt. It can be helpful to eradicate the overall problems found in the mechanism. Finally, it can extend the life of the weighbridge. 

  • Lock gate seal

A lock gate seal is used in waterworks, canal gates, irrigation, vertical gates and dams. 

  • Cable protector

Use the cable protector as the floor protector and attach them to all the wall sides. 

  • Wedge profile

The wedge profile applications include anything from chocks that recess filling to rubber ramps and door wedges. 

  • Conveyor side skirt

A conveyor side skirt can enhance traction & increase the life of conveyor belts. 

  • Hatch door seal extrusion

It can be used in many different varieties of vessels that vary from dredging ships to naval ships and cargo ships. 


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have explored how rubber extrusion profiles can be useful for protection.

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