What is the best way to: replace a door closer

What is the best way to: replace a door closer

Do you want to explore how to replace the door closer? If yes, then here this blog can let you grab more details about the procedure to replace the door closer and explore more about door stopper security for apartments

In general, a door closer is the most extraordinary accessory for residential and commercial space to maintain the security and functionality of the doors to the next level. Suppose you have an outdated or malfunctioning door closer, then it is the right time for you to replace it with the practical solution. 

A door closer can increase the safety for pedestrians to exit and enter the building without any issues. A problematic or defective door closer can put your safety under trouble and it can also increase complexities in accessing the building. 

Therefore it is better to replace the door closer and grab the most exclusive impacts. Go through this blog further and learn more about the procedure for door closer replacement, ensuring an effective and smooth transition.

Steps to replace the door closer:

Take a look at below and explore the steps to replace the door closer. Those steps are:

  • Identify the body type of door closer

Generally, the surface mount door closers are one the highly exclusive and the popular type of door closer for different ranges of commercial doors. There are different models and brands available to choose the door closer. Hence stay focused and choose the most appropriate models and brands according to your needs and requirements. 

According to the professional expert’s suggestions, there are two main door closer body types available. Those types are heavy duty door closer body & standard duty door closer body. Suppose the door is covered with a plastic cover, then it is best for you to remove it. With that, you can easily identify the body type of the door more effectively. 

  • Measure horizontal & vertical hole pattern

If you are going to replace your door closer, then sure it is must for you to measure the horizontal & vertical hole pattern without fail. You should take the measurement from the center to center of the mounting hole and never do it at the end of your door closer body. You can get the accurate idea with this step and can grab most exclusive benefits while replacing the door closer. 

  • Match the complete hole pattern

After measuring the hole pattern, you have to match it with your new door closer model very effectively. There are many collections of replacement door closets available and from that you can choose the most effective one. This is the most necessary step that you should not skip and follow it properly and grab better access to your building. 

Things to consider for replacing the door closer:

Check out below and find out certain things to consider for replacing the door closer:

  • Collect required materials & tools

Collect the required materials & tools before you are going to replace the door closer. You must need the new door closer kit (screws, closer mechanism and bracket), a screwdriver, power drill, pencil and a measuring tape. With that, sure you can proceed to the next process and carry over the work flow perfectly.

  • Choose the perfect replacement

Choose the perfect replacement for your door closer that must be compatible with the door & meet the specific needs. You must ensure that the new door closer has the same dimensions and mounting type according to the existing one. Go through the manufacturer’s instructions for better guidance to choose the most effective replacement. 

  • Remove the complete old door closer

Start the process by removing the complete old door closer very effectively. Use the power drill or screwdriver to detach & disassemble the door closer from both the frame and door. Consider the existing adjustments and bracket position made according to the previous door closer. 

  • Clean the mounting area

Clean the whole mounting area on both the frame and the door after the removal of the complete old door closer. Remove the old screws, debris and residual adhesive to ensure the smooth and clean surface to install a new door closer. 

  • Mounting bracket installation

Use the available screws to install the new mounting bracket to your door. If possible align the complete bracket with the existing holes very effectively. Ensure that the mounting bracket is perfectly leveled and securely fastened. 

  • Place the door closer mechanism

Now you can place the door closer mechanism next to the mounting bracket without any issues. Confirm that the door closer accurately aligns with the mounting bracket and there are no issues on the mechanism. Use the designated screws and perfectly secure the door closer very effectively. 

  • Adjust latch action and closing speed

Currently, different range of door closers are available with the highly adjustable features for the latch action and closing speeds. Go through the manufacturer’s instructions to customize the settings and locate the adjustment screws based on your need and preferences. Then test the door closer completely and ensure controlled & smooth closing without any issues. 

  • Check out for the interference

Check out that there is no interference or obstructions with the movement of the door closer. Ensure that your door swings very effectively and the door closer works without any issues. 

  • Conduct door closer testing

When you complete the adjustment and installation process, now you have to conduct the door closer testing. Open your door & check out the latch action and closing speed. Make the additional adjustments according to the achievement of the desired functionality. 

  • Finalize the installation process

After you get satisfaction with the adjustments and replacement, finalize the installation process by tightening the screws. Conduct the final test and guarantee that your new door works perfectly. 


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have got the idea about the procedure to replace the door closer and explored more about door stoppers. So without further delay, you can install the door stopper today for better security.

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