Where do you need fire doors?

Where do you need fire doors?

Do you want to explore where the fire doors required are? If yes, then check out this blog and find where fire rated steel door residential are required. In general, fire safety is very important in any building structure and fire doors play a major role in it. It can ensure the protection and safety of property and occupants during the fire emergency. 

The high quality fire doors are manufactured to have the capability to prevent the building from fire, toxic gases and smoke. Therefore people can get the time for firefighting and evacuation. 

Where are fire doors needed?

At present, most people have the question: where are the fire-rated doors required. It is required according to the property laws for non-domestic or business usage. 

Fire doors play the major role in many places to improve fire safety & protect the occupants from the dangerous fire incidents. You can install them in any location. Check out below to explore that:

  • Commercial buildings

Fire doors play a major role in protecting some routes to escape during any fire emergency. It can provide occupants with a safe and clear path to shift the building effectively. In different commercial places like hotels, offices, shops, and restaurants, the fire doors are very important to ensure the customers, visitors and employee safety. 

It can let the occupants exit very safely from the building. On the same basis, in multi-occupancy residential buildings such as care homes and apartments, fire doors are very essential to protect residents. It can prevent rapid fire in the building and give more time for escape and reduce the impact of fire spreading the whole building. 

  • Industrial facilities

Popular industrial facilities like warehouses, manufacturing plants & storage areas need the quality fire doors to protect both valuable assets and employees. During that time, the fire risks take place due to the presence of machinery and flammable materials. 

Such an environment must need the fire doors to section the building effectively. During the fire, fire doors can be a barrier and contain fire to certain areas & prevent the rapid spread of fire from the building. It will let employees evacuate the affected area safely and find better places like fire-resistant compartments to hide. 

Fire doors can eradicate the damage to the facilities, surrounding areas and contents by containing the fire effectively. They also offer additional time for the arrival for fire fighters or emergency responders to overcome the situation. It is very essential in industrial settings where the quick & uncontrolled fire may have disastrous situations for both business operations and human lives.

  • Educational institutions

Fire safety is a must in various educational institutions such as colleges, schools, & universities where the well-being and safety of staff, visitors and students are very essential. Fire doors are installed strategically throughout the buildings to achieve it easily. Fire doors are found in classrooms, assembly areas and corridors in the educational settings. 

  • Healthcare facilities

Healthcare settings like clinics and hospitals must maintain a safe environment to protect staff and patients. Fire doors are very essential for fire safety in various healthcare facilities, making sure that the patients are safely evacuated and critical areas like patient wards and operating rooms are protected. 

  • House

The fire doors are not mandatory in the house according to the law. But there are some exceptions that you must know. If you are living in a three storey property, then sure you must need a fire door on every floor and in the room that directly connects to the stairwell. If the garage directly connects to the property with the access through the door, then your door must follow fire safety regulations. 

Some property shows interest towards installing fire doors even though it is not required by law. They still want to increase their property safety and hence they install it. If you have make sure you want to install fire door in your house, then you install in follow areas:

Garage – Your garage must need a fire door when it is close to the living areas.

Kitchen – Kitchen is the area in the house where the fire spread happens very easily. To avoid that, better you can install fire doors. 

Basement – Fire doors are important to be installed in the basement to solve fire issues and protect escape routes.

Safety checks on fire doors:

  • Check closers
  • Examine hinges
  • Inspect seals
  • Test latching
  • Look for damage
  • Changes in regulations
  • Evaluate gap sizes
  • Fire & escape doors
  • Communal fire doors

How are fire doors made?

Fire doors are made with extraordinary materials with top notch fire-resistant properties. Such materials can ensure that they can withstand intense heat and high temperatures. 

  • Timber

Most fire doors are made with timber that is valuable for its reliable fire protection and aesthetic look. It can offer a natural and classic look that makes them the best choice for commercial and residential buildings. 

You can get them in various finishes & can customize it to complement the complete interior design of the space. The quality and thickness of the timber in the door’s construction shows its fire-resistant properties.

  • Steel

Steel is one of the best materials to make fire doors that are very essential in industrial and commercial settings. It can provide great durability and strength that make them the best choice for high traffic locations and areas with more security needs. It can be coated with the fire-resistant materials to improve their fire resistance and can be used in various facilities. 

  • Composite

Composite fire doors are the most versatile option with the combination of different materials to offer enhanced durability and fire resistance. It features the core made from various fire-resistant materials like vermiculite boards or mineral wool. 


From the above mentioned scenario, now you have got the idea about where fire-rated doors are required. Start installing these doors in your space and block the fire spread quickly.

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